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Polycorp specializes in the design and manufacture of High Pressure Moulded Wear Resistant Rubber & PolyStl™ Grates.

These grates are manufactured with moulded rubber on a steel frame and chord reinforcement to provide strength and flexibility to resist pressure and localized impact of the grinding charge.

The rubber grates have tapered slots to minimize the plugging with near size particles.

Rubber / PolyStl™ grates are extensively used in AG / SAG and Primary ball mills. Polycorp regularly supplies rubber and PolyStl™ grates for mills up to 40 ft in diameter.

PolyStl™ Grates

PolyStl™ Grates are suitable for AG / SAG mill applications and are manufactured with specialized high wear resistant steel plate on the wearing surface. These grates have the toughness of steel and flexibility of rubber. PolyStl™ grates are lighter than steel grates and are more efficient due to its ability to flex.

Advantages of PolyStl™ Grates:

  • Provides additional wear-rate.
  • Suitable for tougher grinding applications.
  • Lighter than steel grates.
  • Easy to install.
  • Stronger and can handle bigger tramp material without getting damaged.
  • Designed with tapered slots for improved slurry flow.
  • Tough as steel with the flexibility of rubber.
  • Designed for efficient slurry flow, minimizing plugging and providing longer wear life.

Rubber Grates

Rubber grates are extensively used in SAG / AG, Primary and Secondary ball mills. Rubber grates are manufactured on a steel frame with cord reinforcement which provides the necessary strength and flexibility to resist pressure and to localize the impact of the grinding charge.

Advantages of Rubber Grates:

  • Efficient slurry flow through the grates due to their flexibility.
  • Minimized plugging by near size particles.
  • Lighter than steel grates.
  • Easy to install and safe to work with.
Discharge Grate
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