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Unique maintenance needs demand dynamic elastomeric solutions. Polycorp products create a controlled buffer between the flexible track and the rigid roadway.

Tuned Mass Rail Damper (TMD)

Rail dampers provide significant noise reduction without the need to dig up the track and are simply added to an existing section of track with our patented EP-Lock TMD clip in seconds.

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Noise & Vibration

Polycorp offers a variety of embedded track systems for different applications. Each system can be tuned based on customer's requirements.

Resilient embedded track system is suitable for tracks that require a higher level of vibration attenuation. It can be used in any LRT system with any rail type.

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Epflex Railseal Interface is a long term solution to the while range of Rail related problems.

Outdoor Applications:

A versatile solution to provide water and surface contaminant control.

Uniform flangeway dimensions smooth the ride and reduce product loss through fork truck incidents.

Self cleaning feature reduces routine maintenance costs. The flexible flangeway allows train and vehicular traffic to break up dirt and ice reducing the threat of derailments.

Aprons can be kept clean and free of contaminants that can play havoc with pneumatic loading systems.

Indoor Applications:

Eliminates tripping hazards. ADA flangeway openings aide with pedsetian crossings and decoupleing the concrete from the rail reduces concrete spalling further reducing the threat of lost time accidents.

Access control: Reducing the opening where the tracks enter the building keeps the outside out. Rodents, storm water, heat, cold all stay where they do the least harm.

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Enclosed Flangeways

Open or uneven flangeways in industrialized areas can often lead to safety concerns. Polycorp Enclosed Flangeway Railseal is used in applications where reduced tripping hazards are a priority. This design incorporates a displaceable flangeway and is available to match most rail constructions. An enclosed flangeway provides a uniform surface for cross rail traffic.

Flangeway Fillers

Polycorp Flangeway Fillers can be used as a retrofit for existing open flangeways or as a component of new construction. These flangeway fillers reduce safety concerns by allowing a smooth transition for pedestrian traffic or small tired vehicles such as forklifts and tool carts.

Removable Design

Road closure and detours are often the worst part of any urban construction. The track structure, because it is used by all modes of transport; vehicular, rail and pedestrian, sees excessive wear of crucial components. This results in repetitive construction costs, and delays and inconvenience for the motoring public.

Polycorp guaranteed "Removable Design" rubber interface allows access to the rail and fastening system, without the costly road construction. Detours are avoided by doing the work in controllable portions in off service hours.


  • Maintenance scheduled in off service hours, eliminating schedule interference.
  • High rail wear areas, such as car stop locations and curves, can be quickly upgraded and improved with no system disruption.
  • The Railseal Interface doubles as the concrete forms. Exact fit is guaranteed with no extra labor costs.

Polycorp 3D Track Support Products

Modern rail systems require greater stability and extended life. Polycorp track pads are application specific and designed for optimal service and value.

  • Heavy and light rail applications
  • Improve track stability
  • Extend life of track materials
  • Custom Designed Deflection values
  • Vibration Control
  • Bearing and Shim pads
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