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Polycorp’s Mining Division specializes in the design, manufacture, service and support of total mill lining solutions across the globe. Proudly manufactured in Canada, Polycorp has supplied mill liner solutions for more than 400 grinding mills worldwide. Polycorp has many patented and patent pending designs for different types of liners and discharge systems. Our proven team of experts can custom design to your specific requirements.

Polycorp’s latest specialized designs include: PolyStl™ liners, PolyStl™ grates, PolyBlok™, PolyWIP™ and PolyKombo™

PolyStl™ liners are composites of Special Wear Resistant Steel and High Pressure Moulded Rubber.

Polycorp PolyBlok™ liners revolutionized lifter and plate replacement for larger mills by combining steel alloy or rubber, depending on the specific performance requirements of the mill. PolyBlok™ liners are a one piece liner with PolyStl™ lifters and PolyStl™ rubber plates designed for use in SAG, AG or Ball mill applications. PolyBlok™ liners have a longer lifespan and reduce downtime.

Polycorp PolyWIP™ liners were designed to increase the life of worn steel pulp lifters. Inserts are held in the mill with the existing grate holes, so no extra fixing is required. PolyWIP™ liners are installed on top of worn steel pulp lifters with no need to replace the prematurely worn pulp lifters, increasing the life of existing pulp lifters and preventing further wear. PolyWIP™ decreases mill shut down times, increases mill availability, saving our customers time and money.

Polycorp PolyKombo™ liners are changing the way mills upgrade from steel liners. PolyKombo™ is a one piece liner combing steel and rubber that is manufactured with the same dimensions as existing steel liners to replace each piece individually, utilizing the advantages of combining rubber and steel. PolyKombo™ liners provide significant noise reduction over steel, with the rubber base fitting against the mills shell. Designed for improved mill efficiency with minimum maintenance and shut downs, PolyKombo™ liners provide longer mill availability, which reduces the overall cost per ton of ore grindings.

Computer Simulations

Polycorp engineers are globally recognized for their capabilities to perform crash stop studies and computer simulations. Mill liner challenges can be overcome to improve mill availability and throughput with Polycorp’s specialized product design support and mill power calculations. By studying the liner configurations, our experienced engineers can optimize the power in the mill. Computer simulations allow adjustments to components and liner designs to bring significant results and improve mill efficiency. Stress calculations can also be performed by Polycorp engineers to design rubber / PolyStl™ grates for efficient slurry flow, minimizing plugging and providing longer wear life.


Polycorp now offers PolyView laser scanning to our customers, which provides 3D Liner Wear Reports to the mine site, for improved predicting and planning of required maintenance inventory control and mill shut downs. The laser scanned data is collected at feed and discharge ends, and is overlaid onto Mill Liner profiles to create a comprehensive Wear Report.

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