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Rail Boot

Rail boot: Form fitted to tight tolerances, Polycorp Rail boot installs easily and stays in place through the entire construction phase. Every rail and fastener configuration can be accommodated. (Restraining, Strap guard, Girder, Tee) Design can be engineered and customized for specific Track Modulus requirements.


  • Stray Current Control
    The high level of electrical resistivity provided by the specially engineered, thermoplastic elastomer, prohibits the return current from finding its way to adjacent utilities. This reduces corrosion, caused by electrolysis, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
  • Noise Reduction
    The embedded portion of the rail is completely encased with vibration damping, elastomeric polymer. The close proximity of a well fitting rail boot, allows for maximum surface contact with the rail. This level of contact, the energy absorbing cavities engineered into the side wall, and the elasticity of the polymer, all combine to dampen any vibration imparted to the rail by the passing street cars. This limits the excess noise and the detrimental effects on the rigid concrete roadbed, created by this vibration.
  • Track Movement
    The elastomeric compression of the Boot helps limit and control the amount of rail movement. Controlling the rail, inside the concrete encasement, prohibits the transfer of destructive forces to the concrete road surface. This isolation greatly reduces the period between road maintenance intervals.

Contoured Transitions: The transition between rail types is typically the weakest and most troublesome point in any job. Polycorp Contoured Transition Pieces reduce pin point loading and stress concentrations on surface concrete to drastically reduce crack propagation. This results in improved maintenance intervals and overall optics in any project.

Flangeway Former: (Patent Pending) Unified flangeway dimensions to enhance electrical resistivity. Innovative anchor tabs control thermal expansion and contraction while restricting the ingress of foreign material between the flangeway former and the concrete. The unique design, that interlocks with the Rail Boot and installs with our spring tension clips, positively maintains flangeway dimensions and keeps concrete out during original pour.

Boot Clips: Speed installation by quickly and precisely holding boot in position during primary install.

Steel Installation Ties: Designed for maximum strength per material dollar. Robust and easy to use while controlling overall cost. Allow for any specified Rail cant.

Rail Hold Down Clips: Manufactured out of Glass Reinforced Nylon to maximize toe load and eliminate the risk of adverse pressure from swelling due to moisture related corrosion.

Rail Boot

Minimal "roadway downtime" reduces disruptions and creates a favorable bottom line cost.

Rail Boot
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