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PolyWIP™ lifter inserts increase the life of premature worn steel pulp lifters.

Polycorp specializes in design and maufacture of rubber metal pulp lifter inserts which can be used on top of the worn pulp lifters. These inserts have the following advantages:

  1. Increases the life of the existing pulp lifters.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Inserts can be used on top of the worn steel pulp lifters and there in no need to replace the premature worn pulp lifters.
  4. Inserts are held at location with the existing grate holes, no extra fixing is required.
  5. Inserts will prevent further wear of worn out pulp lifter and life of the pulp lifter set will increase.
  6. PolyWIP™ reduces mill shut down time, increasing mill availability and saving money.

Rubber Metal Pulp Lifters

Polycorp specializes in design and manufacture of both Radial and Curved Rubber Metal Pulp Lifters.

These are suitable for AG / SAG and Primary Mills. The Rubber Metal Pulp lifters are manufactured with specially hand laid rubber on the metal structure.

We routinely supply Rubber Metal Pulp Lifters for up to 40 ft diameter SAG mills, all over the world.

Our Rubber covered Metal Pulp Lifters can be easily retro-fitted with existing drill holes in the discharge head.

Our Pulp Lifters are specially designed to improve mill throughput and to avoid over grinding.

Rubber Metal Pulp Lifters are designed and manufactured with special wear resistant rubber for longer operating life and can also be designed with replaceable wear pads at maximum wear zones.

To ensure fit at the site, as part of our quality checks, Pulp Lifters are assembled on the plant floor using wooden mill head mock-ups. This ensures that the holes line up and avoids any surprise during installation.

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