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Polycorp offers a variety of embedded track systems for different applications. Each system can be tuned based on customers’ requirements.

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Resilient Embedded Track Systems

Resilient embedded system is suitable for tracks that require a higher level of vibration attenuation. It can be used in any LRT system with any rail type. Due to its well-engineered design, it offers a longer life span than other systems in its class.

LRT tracks can now be constructed in the vicinity of locations such as hospitals and labs. At a fraction of the cost of a floating slab system, high vibration attenuation is achievable with Polycorp’s resilient embedded system. It consists of rail boot, rail pad, steel tie, and all required hardware. Based on customers’ needs, the system is tuned to deliver optimal performance with minimal cost.


  • High vibration attenuation up to 12dB
  • Superb electric isolation
  • Maintenance free
  • Quick installation
  • Compatible with any rail type
  • Suitable for different axle loads
  • Cost effective compared to other systems in its class
  • Appropriate for any weather condition from cold to hot temperatures
  • Meets DIN 45673-8 for long term fatigue life performance
  • Polycorp quality begins with our ISO 9001 Certification and ends only when the job is in revenue service. We have quality systems and the latest testing equipment to ensure our material exceeds your needs and satisfies your customer’s requirements.

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Noise & Vibration Track
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