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Todays faster trains and heavier loads require greater rail stability. Polycorp track pads are application specific and designed for optimal service and value.

  • Product for both heavy and light rail.
  • Improved track stability.
  • Extends life of track materials
  • Custom deflection values through design and compound specification.

Elastomeric Bearing Shim Pads

Absorbs destructive energies and provides a sacrificial interface between support structures. Dimensionally stable to accommodate today’s complex fastening systems and train loads. Can be supplied with adhesive backing or custom punched to restrict movement.

Flexible Sleeper/Tie Systems; Custom Design

Modern dynamic fastener systems provide increased track resilience and specified modulus factors. Rail pads, as part of the critical toe load calculations, require tight manufacturing tolerances.

Controlled Deflection Pads

Occasionally, Transit Systems need new construction to match existing rail dynamics to reduce transition stress. The use of FEA software with computer assisted Shape Factor calculations, give Custom track modulus ratings and design deflection values.

Vibration Control

The "Double Tie/Sleeper" Subway Track system uses three separate polymer isolation devices. Highly resistive Rail Pad to electrically isolate the rail from the fastening system. Shape factor specific deflection pad between rail assembly and concrete sleeper/tie. Oversized separation puck, between the ground and track, reduce low frequency ground born vibration.

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