We are one of the leading rubber liner manufacturers in North America. We have supplied rubber liners for more than 400 grinding mills worldwide. We specialize in design and engineering of rubber mill liners for maximum power draw, throughput and wear life. Polycorp has a highly experienced customer service / sales support team.

AG/SAG Mill Liners

We have supplied rubber pulp lifters for AG/SAG Mills up to 38 ft in diameter. We are pioneers in design of both radial and curved pulp lifters. We also design and manufacture rubber grates, discharge cones, lifter bars, shell plates, end plates and all other associated grinding mill liner components.

Ball Mill Liners

We are regularly supplying rubber liners for Ball Mills up to 24 ft in diameter. We design liners for maximum throughput and increased liner life. These liners are custom designed for your mills.


We will perform power calculations and simulations to optimize the power draw for maximum throughput. These calculations are regularly performed for different applications.


Polycorp has many patent pending designs for different types of liners and mill discharge systems.


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